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Chicago Five-O Services, Inc. provides clients a sense of security and attention to detail unparalleled in the security industry. Founded in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks, Chicago Five-O understands the importance of emergency planning and a well-trained team of security specialists.

Our success is built on a tradition of providing service excellence while developing personal relationships with each client. Our highly successful record of program development and implementation has resulted in the cooperation and respect of clients in the commercial, industrial, governmental and private sectors throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

A Sense of Security

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Increase Building Security

Chicago Five-O has built a reputation for providing specialized security services to meet the unique needs of our clients. We have within our ranks a wide range of experience and skill sets, as well as the ability to locate individuals with specialized skills to meet each client’s unique service needs.
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Leading Edge Training

Our training curriculum prepares Five-O security officers for a wide range of situations. Our training begins with general concepts, progressing to specifics for each facility, and continues on an ongoing basis to ensure proper actions will be taken in a competent, professional manner.
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Confidence in Your Security Plan

Regardless of size and security needs, Chicago Five-O’s consulting services can assist you in assessing, simplifying and resolving security issues. We work cooperatively with clients to develop solutions which include a cost-effective roadmap for implementation.
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Consistency and Accountability

Consistency and accountability — both key to a successful security program — are achieved through quality supervision ensuring each client receives consistent quality service by accountable individuals.

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