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Maintaining a secure facility is critical for well-being of the individuals who live and work within a building. Unfortunately, in today’s world we can no longer assume an environment free of security concerns, possible crime or vandalism, or even terrorist activity.

Chicago Five-O Services offers security consulting to assess a company’s unique security needs, undertake threat and risk analysis, evaluate current measures against industry standards and best practices, and recommend a proactive approach to developing or enhancing a security plan that advances the goals of the organization.

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Security Roadmap

Our consulting process begins with a thorough inspection of facilities, a review of security policies and related documents, and interviews with management and staff representatives. It culminates with a comprehensive “roadmap” for addressing any immediate security concerns and for improving the security of a facility in a manner consistent with existing organizational processes and practices. And, we will work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure that your security system evolves to match your changing security needs.

A comprehensive security plan does not have to be expensive; our security solutions and proactive approach can lead to a reduction in overall security costs. We’ll discuss your goals and budget in advance to ensure our plan compliments your security objectives without exceeding available resources.

Training to Match Your Needs

While Chicago Five-O trains its personnel to be consistent with your goals and requirements, we also offer specialized training for your own security staff and building management. Learn more about our customized training and informational services for building employees and/or residents.

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